Welcome to the International Study Course of Communications Engineering in Lübeck / Germany

The University of Applied Sciences Lübeck offers an international study course of electrical engineering with focus on communications engineering.

For the study program in Lübeck which is a 5 month term (one semester) or a 10 month term (two semester), the University of Applied Sciences Lübeck would like to invite all interested foreign students to participate.

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The international study course developed by Lübeck University of Applied Sciences provides foreign students to international competency. All courses of this study program are taught in English which helps non German speaking participants to smoothly start their studies. Foreign students are encouraged to increase their knowledge of German and English language as they study together with German and also American students and are additionally offered extra German classes.

The details are as follows:

Every year approximately 10 foreign students in their third year of study come to FH Lübeck for the duration of two semesters to take part in major subject-related courses together with 10 FHL students of the 5th subject-related semester. The teaching language of these courses will be English. Each course will be completed with an exam. These courses will be supplemented by the courses of general education (humanities).

Administrative Hints

Students who are interested in that program have to meet the following requirements:
  • Knowledge of English language.
  • Successful finished second year of a comparable electrical engineering study program.
  • Travel expenses and living expenses will have to be paid by the participants.
  • Program start is every year in the end of September for one or two semester.
  • Registration 3 month before start of the study.

Hanseatic City of Lübeck

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In the Hanseatic City of Lübeck three institutes of higher education (Academy of Music in Lübeck, University of Applied Sciences Lübeck, and University of Lübeck) offer an extensive curriculum of high reputation and of well recognized excellent standard ranging from medicine, natural sciences, engineering and technology to music. An increasing number of students shows the popularity of Lübeck as a place of study. On account of its closeness to the Baltic Sea, Lübeck offers a wide variety of possibilities for cultural and sports activities which adds to its attractiveness. Approximately 6500 students in Lübeck make use of these recreational opportunities which the medieval city (in 1987 declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site) has to offer with its many restaurants, cafes, cinemas and theatres, and its lovely surroundings with the Baltic Sea and neighbouring Hamburg. Among students, Lübeck is often passed on as one of the secret favourites because, contrary to cities with mass universities, living and studying here takes place within easily comprehensible bounds. In addition to the cultural and recreational scene, students appreciate the technological opportunities offered by local enterprises and their close cooperation with institutes of higher education in Lübeck.

P: Lab V: lecture
Study course ISE (Extracted Courses 5th and 6th Semester)
Semesterhours/weekExam and/or Presentations
Semester 5thSemester 6thECTS
In English for foreign students and students of FHL:
Analog Electronics3V+1P5Exam
Principles of Communications I3V+1P6Exam+Present.
Radio Frequencies3V+1P5Exam+Present.
Control Systems I4V+1P6Exam
Humanities and Soc. Sc. I3V+1P3Exam+Present.
Principles of Communications II3V+1P6Exam+Present.
Control Systems II3V+1P5Exam
Computer Aided Design - CAD2V+2P5Oral Exam+Present.
Renewable Energies3V+1P5Exam
Humanities and Soc. Sc. II3V+1P3Exam+Present.
In English only for foreign students:
Signal Analysis4V4Exam
German Language and Culture I4V4Exam+Present.
German Language and Culture II4V4Exam+Present.

Information and Registration:

Lübeck University of Applied Sciences
Mönkhofer Weg 239
23562 Lübeck

More Information about the International Bachelor Program: MSOE

Contacts for ISE:

Tel.Nr. +49-0451-300-5042

Tel.Nr. +49-0451-300-5086

Erasmus Coordinator:

Tel.Nr. +49-0451-300-5098